Gain “THE EDGE” – 2017!!

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Thank you for being a part of my 9th Annual E.D.G.E. event. You’ve made a VERY smart decision by choosing to attend. Can you remember the last time you saw or did something that took your breath away?  I mean an experience or event that was so amazing – so awe-inspiring – so inspirational that you literally gasped for air? Sadly, for most people, those awe-inspiring moments are very few and far between. Well, during the EDGE event, I’m going to do everything I can to provide you with plenty of those breathtaking moments. I’ve gone out of my way to make this a unique event, and I’m hoping that it will change your life. Don’t expect theater or special effects either. The razzle-dazzle is going to be real life, down to earth, information.

You will learn solid principles and the latest strategies to invest for profit. You will learn what works…both in this current market and beyond…and as sure as the sun rose over the Arizona desert this morning, that’s exactly what we’re going to deliver to you. I’m putting you on official notification. Your involvement in the “Gain the E.D.G.E.” event begins right now.  As participants in my live event, you all are part of an exclusive alumni, and will very likely end up building friendships that can last a lifetime, as you create your wealthy future.

Congratulations for making the decision to take action and go for what you want. On behalf of my entire team, I welcome you to “The EDGE!” I’ll see you in April!


Dean Graziosi

24 thoughts on “Gain “THE EDGE” – 2017!!

  1. Jeff & Melissa

    Fast approaching is the MOST EXCITING REAL ESTATE EVENT EVER!

    We cannot wait to see all of our friends from last year make new friends this year and move our business forward with more exciting information from some AMAZING Speakers.
    Let the countdown Begin!

    Jeff & Melissa

  2. Brody

    Less than a month to go… 2000 mile road trip!
    Need to get that deal done and maybe we will be taking to the skies!

    1st Edge Live EVER!

  3. Leon J

    Drove across county to attend the EDGE event last year and I assure you it was worth the journey. Met alot of terrific people with the same mindset. Look forward to see all those smiling faces again.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest and mingle with the best.

    Leon J

  4. Tony Escobedo

    I have now done 7 deals & am sooo super excited I look forward to this event all yr & it is such a life/game changing event that everyone that can come should! This will be now my 3rd Edge & I know it is going to be awesome!

    1. Linda & Kelly Bowen

      Tony, Congratulations on doing more deals. We look forward to seeing you and everyone else at the Edge this year. It is truly life changing, some of us just change at different rates!

    2. Tony Escobedo

      Ok so this is actually my 10th deal! Just a mo ago made $3,800 here in sunny San Diego CA! Yes I cannot encourage enough to go the Edge! Make it happen whatever you have to do! Get there! Even if you have to stay at a motel 6 or a hostel! it doesn’t matter, it changed my life forever & is continuing to! This will be my 4th Edge event can you believe it! :)

  5. Tammy Yost

    OH MY GoD!!! Iam so impowerd just Can’t catch my Breath right now. Thanks Dean for the Chance to meet you and your team!!! I Can’t Wait Scottsdale is so Beautiful!!

  6. Melissa Nusbaum

    YES! Let the count down begin! This is our 3rd year and I can honestly say each year we catapult to the next level after returning home. It is a Great opportunity and we are excited to see what this year has in store. Can’t wait to see all of our IE Family and Friends and meeting new ones to form new relationships! See you all there- Hugs- Melissa

  7. Chip and Andrea

    Cannot Wait! We’re so excited to meet with some old friends and make some new friends. It’s going to be amazing!!!

  8. David Yanko

    It’ll be good to see and feel the excitement.Plus some of the I’ve made it faces again
    Enjoy & Until

  9. Anthony (Vista, CA)

    Indeed a treat to meet each of you and to exchange information for continued success and service to our contacts. Look forward to meeting our experts:Indiana Joe, Andrea & Chip and others who have guided us to be a total success package. Drive safely there and back. Look forward to details.

  10. Jay StHilaire

    Are you a lifetime learner ? I AM and when I found a mentor in Dean Graziosi and started attending his LIVE edge events, my whole outlook on life and improving myself took on a whole new meaning. Because of the edge events and the outstanding networking capabilities I developed there, I am skyrocketing my personal development and taking my investing business to a whole new level !! You have GOT to make it a goal to attend !!

  11. JennandCharlie

    We are so excited that we are going to the Edge event! It will be our first time and I know a great experience : )

  12. Maria Butner

    I can not wait to see all of my IE family members at the Event. I am so Excited! I am so fortunate to meet and be around such like minded family members! I will see you all there!

  13. Andy Sager ( DG's AndyS)

    E.D.G.E 2016 will be my 4th E.D.G.E. event and every year I move up at least one notch by being there. I made a goal when I first started with the DG family (in 2009) that I was going to attend the E.D.G.E after I made my first deal or within 3 years but 2 years in, I still hadn’t done that deal and sadly, I chose not to hold myself to that ” or 3 years.” :( So I altered my new goal to “NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to attend the next E.D.G.E” and boy am I glad I did that. The connections made, the wisdom learned, the friendships created all have helped me to do more than just that first deal and have set me up for a brighter future. But there’s more….. the energy in that room just lifts you. In one year, I was coming off a very bad year personally and just being amongst Dean and my DG family helped me get my life back on track. I’m now thinking differently, acting differently and living differently , all for the better, since my first E.D.G.E experience. I can not recommend enough how important this event is to attend.

    I just can’t wait for April to get here already so I can see all my DG family again and hear all the new info that will be offered. I just know it will be life changing!!! See you all soon! :)

  14. William Pasquale

    I am just got done watching the No Money Flip training getting started! Starting to place bandit signs and just ordered my first batch of post cards today. Meeting with RE Agents next week. Signed up for the VIP Masternind because I AM ALL IN! This is full time for me and there is no going back. Will be a wholeselling and fix and flip ANIMAL! By the time April comes I will be on fire!!!


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